What's On? - Letters & School Newsletters

School newsletters are sent home every fortnight on a Friday to inform parents about upcoming events, changes in policies and events of interest. The newsletter is also available below in pdf-format, is on file in our foyer as well as posted on the school notice board on the left hand side of the entrance to the school hall.

For all information regarding sports activities inside and outside school hours, please visit our sports website, maintained by Mrs Douglas.


General letters

Activity Fee 2018
  Stationery Letter 2018 and Stationery List 2018
  Donation Letter 2018
  Payments Letter 2018
  Yummy stickers sheet (small stickers)
  Large Yummy stickers sheet
  ICAS School Exam Letter

Sport notices


LBPS Newsletters,

Term 2, 2018

Friday 29 June Term 2 Week 9
Friday 15 June Term 2 Week 7
Thursday 31 May Term 2 Week 5
Friday 18 May

Term 2 Week 3

Friday 4 May Term 2 Week 1

Syndicate Newsletter,

Term 2, 2018

Newsletter Term 2
Newsletter Term 2
Newsletter Term 2
Newsletter Term 2
Newsletter Term 2
Newsletter Term 2
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