Health & Welfare

Emergencies and Injury

There is a Medical Room next to the Office where children are able to rest when they are feeling unwell. Often it is best for these children to be cared for at home or to be taken to a doctor. In these cases we will telephone and ask you to collect your child from school. All parents are asked to provide an alternative contact in case of emergency, and to inform the school of any changes in contact details.

Student Medicines at School

Occasionally it becomes necessary for children to receive medication at school. Please bring any medication to the school office, as we must have your written permission to administer any medication and we have a specific OSH form that parents must complete. Thanks in advance!

Health Issues: Allergies

Several students, spread across the school, have severe allergies to such foods as nuts and soy so we would ask all parents to cooperate with our request that no food containing nuts (especially peanuts) is sent to school. Exposure by smell as well as touch can set off an anaphylactic attack in these children.

Students are told not to share their morning tea or lunch. We also ask that parents do not bring in food treats to share on children's birthdays.

Health Issues: Headlice

Please let you child's teacher know if you have had to treat your child for headlice. A two-page 'Prevention and Treatment' letter will be sent to all the chidlren in the class.

Dental Clinic

The School Dental Clinic is available to all children from the age of two and a half years. Please phone the Dental Clinic for an appointment (479 5730). The Dental Therapists visit school once a year to check students teeth. Those who require additional attention are referred to the clinic on the Northcross Intermediate school site. For all queries and emergencies please call the above number.
Auckland Regional Dental Service provides free dental services to all pre-school, primary and intermediate school children. For details of the nearest School Dental Clinic open (even during the holidays), please contact 0800 TALKTEETH (0800 825 583). A list of clinics currently open is also available online.

Public Health Nurse

On request the public health nurse nurse is available on appointment to discuss health matters with parents. Vision and hearing are also tested every six months (for new entrants or re-tests).


The school has a smoke free policy that will ensure a smoke free environment. The ban also inculdes vaping.

Sunhats and sunscreens

The school has a sunhat policy which requires children to wear sun hats when outside during Terms 1 and 4. Use of sunscreen is also encouraged.

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