Student Leaders


Opportunities are provided for students to choose to take on or be selected for additional responsibility and leadership within our school.

Student leaders in our school include: ICT Tech Angels; PE equipment, bell, office, flag, road patrol monitors, enviro group and health group students and librarians.

Other senior students are peer mediators and their role is to provide a listening ear and assist children to resolve small playground issues (such as sharing a ball) and as support for students who may be settling in to school (perhaps assisting them to find their friend).

Student leaders may be called upon to provide an additional link for student voice within the school, for example when reviewing the school environment and playground opportunities.

Leadership and monitor responsibility is also offered to younger students within their classroom environment. Each week our school assembly is led by a different class, so students from Years One through to Six may be selected to announce the assembly items, and to present their work.

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