Staff - Overview 2019


In the area of home/school communication, the easiest and most effective ways of contacting our staff are by phone (473 6077) or by email. If you wish to contact a specific staff member, email is strongly recommended.

Below you will find an overview of our current staff. Click on a staff member's name for more detailed information about them including email address.


Linda Barton

Associate Principals
Jo Patrick
Julie Butler (SENCO)

Team Leaders
Tracey Hardey (Kōwhai)
Katherine Aitken (Rimu)
Dianne Mayall (Manuka)
Lisa Leggett (Nikau)
Ellis Walker Bell (Tōtara)
Miranda Kelly (Kauri)

Community of Learners, Within School Lead teachers
Diane Edgoose
Katherine Aitken

Kōwhai (New Entrant to Year 1)
Tracey Hardey
Irene Navarro
Tarina MacKay
Helen Fairclough (release)

Rimu (Year 1-2)
Katherine Aitken
Shelley Findlay
Fenneke Gingell
Jitka Bloomfield

Manuka (Year 2-3)
Dianne Mayall
Rebekah Webb
Kate Porter

Nikau (Year 3-4)
Lisa Leggett
Steve Anderson
Amber Hobbs
Diane Edgoose

Tōtara (Year 4-5)
Ellis Walker Bell
Kathryn Hohaia
John Keoghan
Briar Porter (release)

Kauri (Year 5-6)
Miranda Kelly
Aaron Joyes
Mark Wallace

Additional Part time Teachers
Ann Grayson (Dance and Release)
Nikki Douglas (Drama, PE Specialisation, Sport Lead Teacher, Release)
Anne Kelly (Reading Recovery and Learning Support)
Victoria Koopen (Te Reo Māori Teacher, Release)
Alison Weavers
Shani Simmons

Specialists teachers
Ann Grayson (Dance)
Nikki Douglas (Drama, Sport/PE)
Victoria Koopen (Māori Language)

John Keoghan

Resources / Library
Fenneke Gingell

Nikki Douglas

Teacher Aides
Betty Knoppert
Christiane Checksfield
Lisa Dunlop
Sabine Berkman
Ruth Swift
Debbie Snape

Office staff
Sandy Tickner
Sandra Nicholls
Lorna Corrie

Property Manager
John Underwood






Long Bay Primary School, Ralph Eagles Place, Long Bay. North Shore, New Zealand. Phone: (09) 473 6077. Email: